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    Feb 05, 2011

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Now to plug it into my laptop...

C&C Welcomed x3.

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She seems happy to help you :)
hace 9 años
Don't hurt her!! :)
hace 9 años
Adorable and a perfect fit.
Kinda makes me wish that I had gotten one now lol.
hace 9 años
So cute =)
hace 9 años
stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
reminds me of chobits!
hace 9 años
this should have picture of the month nevermind day. wonderful.
hace 9 años
LeIouch Vi Britania
hace 9 años
Too adorable! Perfect lighting too.
hace 9 años
This Miku is very cute and your idea/shot really very good!
hace 9 años
Thank you very much for the favs and comments.

I am very grateful of all your feedback m(_ _)m.
hace 9 años
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