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so cute! would definitely buy if they made squall & cloud nendos
hace 10 años
Aw shit. That's cute. If only they had some FF ones! I want a Tidus :O
hace 10 años
I hope GSC will exploit FFVIII characters to nendoroid form ^O^
This is so cute & adorable.... LOVE IT!!!
hace 10 años
Now I want one! o_o
hace 10 años
This is surprisingly well-done.

If it does become real, hope it won't end up as exclusive or some such nonsense.
hace 10 años
woah. I'll definitely buy it if it was available.. Soooo cute..
hace 10 años
Wow, he looks stunning !
I would buy him in a heartbeat if he was available.

GSC should seriously consider making FF Nendos.
hace 10 años
This is so perfect <3
hace 10 años
Squall and Seifer in a battle of adorable proportions would be great! I really want to see some video game guys in Nendo form! Metal Gear solid, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy and Professor Layton...!!! I'm glad there will be Sengoku Basara Nendos next year. I'm sure they'll sell well and perhaps because of that we'll get more VG mendoroids.
hace 10 años
Very cute! :3
hace 11 años
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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