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samueohhace 4 años#4580112Sweet photograph~

thankyou very much :D
hace 4 años
Sweet photograph~
hace 4 años
icelavahace 5 años#3360631"oniiii chan... pamper me..."

hace 4 años
astarte952hace 5 años#3360070Adorable!
Lehsthace 5 años#3360167Awww!
PotatoLlamahace 5 años#3360625This is really cute :Dredshoothace 5 años#3365568awww It's so cute >w<

hace 4 años
yokhahace 5 años#3348864Aww I like the vibe this pict gave me, its reminds me when my sister and family visiting me when I had an intense training for regional championship, kinda sad tho shes now on college and having her own world but lifes goes on hha

it's nice to see my photo can make you reminisce good memories, thankyou :D
hace 4 años
fatalisfinalhace 5 años#3348610Nice,they look happy together...but would it be a crime if he is not wearing anything on top:D

he's just finish his daily swim training, cant't be helped :D
hace 4 años
Jajankenhace 5 años#3348489What is that thing touching my Shinobu??? Jk I respect fujoshi series as much as ecchi series. Great Job

it's shinobu long lost alter universe big bro hahaha, thankyou
hace 4 años
SpinkellaSapphirhace 5 años#3348473Very cute! Mako would make such a great big bro.
ahaha thankyou
hace 4 años
Jaydehace 5 años#3348445Cute!!

thankyou :)
hace 4 años
Thankyou guys :D
hace 4 años