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This is truly awesome, i can't even begin to describe how awesome this awesome picture is. Did i mention that this picture is awesome?
hace 7 años
nice concept! like the droplet/s effect :D
hace 9 años
Great shot!
hace 9 años
Master7ZeroWhere is she from, and yes that's a sweet pic.. Is the figure really in water?

She's from a visual novel game called Steins;gate by a company called 5pb. It came out on the PC and the Xbox 360, which for some strange reason is the console of choice for Japanese visual novels, beach volleyball games, 2D shmups and wife simulators. I think I recall hearing that Steins;gate is getting an anime adaptation soon.

Nah, she's actually right behind the tub of water; the splash is occurring right at the edge of the Tupperware container.
hace 9 años
Where is she from, and yes that's a sweet pic.. Is the figure really in water?
hace 9 años
Great shot! I like the floating effect of the water. ^o^
hace 9 años
Wow ! Oo
hace 9 años
amazing!!! OwO
hace 9 años
and I fave over the water and the droplets
hace 9 años
Amazing! It looks like the waterdrops aren't falling down but they're floating up!
hace 9 años
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