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Shot with Nikon D5200 & Sigma F1.4 50mm EX DG.
f/5, ISO100, 1/4 sec, matrix metering. 3 light sources & 2 LED sets in the cabinet shelf behind. Whole setup is a diorama.

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hace 4 años
wow amazing!!! so cool!
hace 4 años
Oh my..... You were right in saying this one is great as well! I just love the mecha vibe from every piece that you have put into this set! The amount of sheer detail is astonishing ! Great work and it inspires me to maybe start taking pictures of figures~ ◕‿‿◕
hace 5 años
I'm at a loss for words. This is just superbly amazing. One of the best pics in this website, without a doubt :)
hace 5 años
Stunning! Love your work! :)
hace 5 años
Fantastic set up!! Great composition too!
hace 5 años
She looks great! Awesome arrangement! ^-^
hace 5 años
hace 5 años
It's so beautiful, that I don't have even words to talk about it. You're my inspiration. ^_^
hace 5 años
Best shot ever.
hace 5 años