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A Persona Fan's Paradise

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"Wouldn't it be nice to be surrounded by your favorite fandom?"

One of my dreamshots to do, I'm so happy I was able to do a shot like this with my Persona collection

Well this isn't exactly cosplaying, since I just want to show that I'm just a regular anime/game fan who loves to collect and cosplay characters from my favorite series. Doing these things are really fulfilling for me.

If you're wondering, yes those Persona figures and merchandise all belong to me. Atlus loves making me poor with these stuffs (I hope they also do more P1 and P2 stuffs), and the fact I'm trying to cosplay all the P3 and P4 girls as of the moment. Maybe I'll do the P1 and P2 girls as well in the future :)

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Awesome collection ^^ You and me both, currently I'm also trying to hunt every 1/8 figures released, which makes me poor, hehe.
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