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Thanks Betelgeuse! I got this figure many years ago at my first anime convention and I lost the box for it at some point or another so I couldn't for the life of my find it on MFC without a box, but you just saved me! Thanks again!
hace 6 años
This pic looks very much like a figure of Hatsune Miku. If that is the case, then which is it, and if it isn't, then could maybe be told what figure it is instead. Please?
edit: I should have thought earlier about the easy way that exists to find out which figure it is and that I just employed, by which you don't need give an answer to my question. I already have it.
And -for those who want to know too- that figure is: View spoilerHide spoilerHiiragi Kagami (unwantedly?) cosplaying as Hatsune Miku.
hace 10 años
Lovely :)
hace 11 años
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