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    Jun 26, 2014

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My OTP is going strong in real life. :3

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Aww cute couple
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PaleLightning M9000 is a trap
Bloody hell this is good. Well done
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Well done!
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Haha nice one!
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lol... nice
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this is so absoulte adorable!
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First thought was "man, must be a struggle to sleep on the floor everyday (so that owner (you) don't disturb them) :)" and second thought "if not rolling as 1st thought, then, it's like a threesome xD"
Jokes aside, it's very nice !
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Tsuderahace 6 años#2219807Awesome :3
Such good quality too,lol
Wish such items were more available in abundance..any
recommendations as to where I can order online for pillow cases and the like??

Both dakimakura cover and bed sheet are official products so the quality are really good. They were indeed hard to find. I had to camp on Yahoo Japan Auction for weeks until someone auctioned one at a reasonable price. The Asuna dakimakura was actually for sale on dengekiya website in the past but I missed it. So I had to look elsewhere like on Yahoo Japan Auction. Sometimes websites such as AmiAmi or HobbySearch will have some dakimakura covers for pre-order. You just have to keep an eye out for them. Best bet would be to find out which dakimakura cover you are looking for. Then see if it's an official product or a fan made. Usually official products will be put for sale on the company's website for a period of time. But if the cover is fan made, you'll have to check where it will be sold by the artist (usually at events such as Comiket). You will have a far better chance to get a fan made dakimakura cover from YJA. That is if you are looking for the real authentic version. A lot of bootlegs exist for cheaper all around the Internet though. >__<;;
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