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Site with all prices and descriptions (you can also check my Mfc ads): naseki.com/stor...

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I bought aiz wellenstein from Thacchi.
The describtion of her was really good and fit perfect with what i got!
Thacchi shipped the figure really fast and packaging was good so the figure didnt took any damage. He answered to my questions really fast, polite and he was really helpful.

Overall a really good and friendly seller. Would buy stuff from him again.
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I just recieved the Sinon figma i bought from Thacchi.
Thacchi was very clear about the figure and told me anything that i wanted to know. There were plenty of photos of the figure so i could see the quality of the figure and also the box.
The payment went through paypal wich is easy to do.
Thacchi shipped the figure within a week (2 days to be precise). The fact that we dont live far apart is that i recieved the figma within 2 days after shipping. I recieved it in a good quality cardboard box. Inside it was enough packaging material to keep the figure and the box safe.

I’m very please about the contact, the shipping and the overal purchase and 10/10 i would do it again......... and i already bought another figure from Thacchi this very moment that i’m writing this.
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