Pieces pending from the splits' clubsPieces pending from the splits' clubs

Singer_Yunahace 10 añoshace 9 años
Idea borrowed from Suzu's ^^

♥ From Meiko nendo club/576/discus... the singing faceplate and the mike (and the plus)
♥ From Biscotti nendo club/576/discus... Hands holding together + mike (and hand) + closed eyes' face + worried face
♥ From Helio nendo club/576/discus... small futon
♥ From Yune nendo club/576/discus... extra kimono
♥ From Elsie club/576/discus... Flailing Legs
♥ From Suyumiya club/576/discus... new uniform
♥ From Fate club/576/discus... serene face
♥ From Mikazuki Yozora club/576/discus... Smiling face + sofa + psp
♥ From Mashiro club/576/discus... loved the parcel
♥ From MoeHomura club/576/discus...
♥ From Sana Inui club/576/discus...

The already paid: Haqua, Biscotti, Helio, Prince, Meiko, and Homura Akemi, the nanoha petits, Shiina & Yusa petits, Re-Ment Uttori Sweets #8.
Parts GET: Pieces for Mashiro, Mami Tomoe, Kawashima Minami, Tomoe, Haru-chan, Hinagiku, Sanae, Kureha, Riela, Reimu, Youmu, Yuyuko, Makise Kurisu (normal ver.), Madoka, HMO, Yuki Nagato glasses and happy face (oldie Nagato), Koro-chan
And these are the pieces I'm selling club/572/discus...
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