Comentarios Wagamama Capriccio - Melissa Seraphy - Nendoroid (#036) (Good Smile Company)

  • Hello, I have Melissa for sale. MINT in box.
    Please PM if interested.
    hace 4 años
    If anyone has an extra hairpieces for her (specifically the front one but I'll buy both) let me know?
    I stupidly tried to balance her on a Halloween decoration outside and when she fell her small hair antennae broke ;^;
    hace 5 años
    Received her today, and loving her! She goes well with my whole house halloween theme. <3
    hace 5 años
    I bought this figure from another user on MFC several years ago back when she was somewhat high value and I paid entirely too much for her. She came used with a small chunk of paint missing from the back of her pumpkin right where the bottom of the hair meets it. I figured it was just a fluke, but over the years the figure developed a few other minor imperfections and because Halloween is very important to me, I decided to buy another Melissa Nendoroid to replace mine and sell my original one for cheap.

    I ended up paying just over $40 to replace her and this time I got a brand new one. Not too bad, but my new one just arrived and has the exact same issue with the back of her pumpkin. ~_~ Seems when she's packaged the pressure of gravity presses the pumpkin back against the hair and that causes it to rub off. Super bummed that the issue happened with both figures. It's really not a huge deal because it's the back of the Nendoroid, but still. If she had been packaged with a plastic sheet between the pumpkin and the hair the problem would have been solved. Also probably would have helped if she hadn't been sitting unopened in a box for 6 or so years. >.<
    hace 5 años
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    hace 5 años
    hace 5 años
    hace 7 años
    iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
    I can't stop laughing at the (´Д`) face. XDDDD
    hace 7 años
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