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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
  • i have a set with him and shirotani for sale with their GSC Bonus or even just Shirotani and their GSC Cat ear bonus. asking 200usd for the complete set, or 150 for the bonus' and shirotani.

    will post sales ad as well. layaway available

    Hace 6 meses
    I've had an order cancelled on me for a pre-order of this item with the Good Smile online exclusive..

    If anyone has the exclusive ears or the Nendoroid with ears available for sale please send a note.
    Hace 7 meses
    I don't have much interest in 10 Count anymore so I'm looking to sell my Kurose Riku nendoroid - only taken out once to check and take a few photos of. PM me if interested and for photos :)
    Hace 8 meses
    Selling the two as a bundle with the GSC bonus
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    Hace 8 meses
    Looking to buy the GSC pre-order bonus accessory. PM me if you're willing to make a deal
    Hace 8 meses
    Unpacked mine and I'm not that happy with the quality. 2 of 3 faces have tiny black dots here and there. And his shirt as well. His hair has imperfections too.
    As to amiami bonus background, the part of it went off straight away, now there is a hole in the paint. I wonder if I should contact ami or it's not considered a big issue...

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://sun9-16.userapi.com/c857424/v857424853/b191e/2eqjK1TY9hs.jpg
    Hace 8 meses
    broken-Toybox lump of laziness
    Willing to sell him and Shirotani with GSC bonus (EU only). Only taken out of the box to take some quick pictures. Pm with offer.
    Hace 9 meses
    Selling like new in box with cat ears, pm if want.
    Hace 9 meses
    Looking to buy both Kurose and Shirotani with GSC bonuses!
    Hace 9 meses
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!