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  • 3pt
    gsc often rereleases from popular demands. maybe if we a lot of us send a request to gsc then this will get a rerelease.
    Hace 1 mes
    I hope this get a re-release :(
    Hace 2 meses
    In stock @ GoodsRepublic
    Free Shipping worldwide from Japan.
    Sold at Goods Republic ==> goodsrepublic.c...
    paying well for her within EU only pls.
    Hace 3 meses
    Selling mine for $239.99 with free shipping. Contact me if interested.
    Hace 4 meses
    Looking for buying her in EU.
    Hace 4 meses
    Looking to buy her for a reasonable price (no crazy aftermarket prices). PM me if available.
    Hace 4 meses
    Selling for $250, figure is used like new, box is opened and like new. PM for shipping quote. Local pick up available in Seattle.
    Hace 6 meses
    enjoime_CB Crown Clown
    Sakura0055 (Hace 7 meses) #33140900How much did you guys pay for the shipping for this?
    Paid ¥6,600 for ems with amiami
    Hace 7 meses
    Lilie (Hace 7 meses) #33142359If i remember right EMS is 7-8k yen atleast, because of the huge box.
    Oh wow, I thought that it would be max. 6k but up to 8k?! that's way too much :O
    Hace 7 meses
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