Comentarios Enn Enn no Shouboutai - Tamaki Kotatsu - ARTFX J - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)

  • she’s sold out in KotoUS and Mandarake, while in Amiami she doesn’t have the bonus parts... :(
    hace 17 días
    I'm very interested in someone thats selling her with Bonus Parts. Please PM me. Tks for helping me out if you can...
    hace 23 días
    Maybell ❤️JOKER IS MY WEAKNESS❤️
    Looking for the bonus parts only.

    Please message me if you have them for sale. :)
    hace 25 días
    Looking to buy her with the bonus! Pls pm me on here or ig! ^^
    hace 27 días
    WEEBWHOHace 1 mes#80092296Looking to buy with bonus effect. Pms are much appreciated

    Selling with the bonus.
    hace 28 días
    KotoUS.com still has it available for sale.
    Hace 1 mes
    Looking to buy with bonus effect. Pms are much appreciated
    Hace 1 mes
    Hace 1 mes
    In stock @ PlazaJapan (¥12,380)
    "Check our product page for more details → HERE
    Your #1 source for Japanese action figures.
    Ships to you direct from Japan!"
    MonkeySoup-OP Mr. モンキースープ
    Anyone else beside me have some invisible thumbprints on her? when i shine a black-light for the effect there are prints of a hand on her face and belly. Any help in removing them would be appreciated!
    Hace 1 mes
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