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  • Got mine today, she's easily one of my favorites. She's very detailed, and the metallic purple color on her dress is beautiful. She was expensive when I first saw her but after waiting I got her little bit cheaper.
    One of the best looking figures I know.
    hace 1 año
    My figure came with a defect on one of the blades. I believe is a manufacturer's defect. I ordered her secondhand on Surugaya via proxy. What are the chances of getting a replacement?
    hace 2 años
    In stock @ GoodsRepublic
    Free Shipping worldwide from Japan.
    Sold at Goods Republic ==> goodsrepublic.c...
    Now we just a need kromede figure lol
    hace 2 años
    have this for sale from hk unopened and new 1200 hkd
    hace 2 años
    She's so lovely!!! <3
    hace 2 años
    Picked one up from NY sale only because... I remember wanting it back when I was just starting college... FFS.
    hace 2 años
    Well worth the wait, I Pre-ordered this when it was first announced. After countless delays, it finally arrived.

    The detail on this figure is absolutely top-notch. It’s probably easy to say this is one of the best figures I now own. A large portion of my collection is limited edition, which is usually higher quality than standard releases. But boy, this figure is exceptional for a standard release. No doubt, this is one of the most well-made figure to date in its price category.
    hace 2 años
    Pre-owned A/A condition at 12.5K. jfigure.com/ind...
    hace 2 años
    stormkoopacv03hace 2 años#30901603If there's anyone looking to sell theirs, in a brand new and sealed condition along with a reasonable price... hit me up, I'm looking to buy.

    If you want her new and sealed for a normal / good price, just order her from N-Y. The store still has her and since you are from the USA, you don't have to pay any customs.

    But if you want her for just a few dollars, I doubt that anybody will meet your criteria, especially since you also want her to be new.

    Good luck!
    hace 2 años
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