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  • Mish_YukiHace 9 meses#72958472Does anyone got their PO from Nippon Yasan?!

    Also did not receive my preorder from Nippon Yasan ;-; Today their support replied:

    "We apologize for the delay in sending your order. Our partner informed us that due to a large number of orders, they have delayed and they shipped little by little. Your order is in queue to be ship. Believe that this incident is quite exceptional and that it will not happen again. We hope you keep all your confidence and that you will not hold us against this delay."

    So it seems to be a special case with this figure...
    Hace 8 meses
    Does anyone got their PO from Nippon Yasan?!
    Hace 9 meses
    Hace 9 meses
    Hace 9 meses
    I just got her today and she is gorgeous. So sad that blue bow is only seen from the back, its metallic coloring is stunning. It only took 370 days from date of pre-order until her arrival but so worth it.
    Hace 9 meses
    Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
    I am so glad I ordered her, she is stunning. Can't wait to have the other two
    Hace 9 meses
    THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
    selling mine: CLASSIFIED #195153
    Hace 10 meses
    Brand new item available @ HOBBY SEARCH
    Price is 15,800 yen (about 145.51 USD)
    Hace 10 meses
    Here is my review if anybody wants to take a look ^_^
    Hace 10 meses
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