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Comentarios • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon - Figuarts Zero chouette - Moon Crystal Power, Make Up (Bandai)

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    Can't wait for all the complaints to turn into preorders. Ah, the irony. XD
    Hace 4 meses
    I think Bandai did an excellent job on this. The figure represents their company perfectly. Soulless.
    Hace 4 meses
    tachola loves you!!
    bandai finds a way to ruin every single sailor moon figure they put out. its amazing.
    Hace 5 meses
    Let's cry together holding our hands in circle while watching what will never have:

    Hace 5 meses
    Pre-ordered with no regrets.
    Hace 5 meses
    Just give her a gentle smile and she would have look miles better. Why is her mouth like that? Why can't Bandai make a good SM figure for once?

    Hace 5 meses
    i was like WOW how beauifu--- oh.

    maybe somebody out there really good at repaints could fix her up and give her a nicer expression. ;_; that, i'd definitely like to see.
    Hace 5 meses
    Is Amazon going to sell this?
    Hace 5 meses
    Enricraigal (Hace 5 meses) #32890578Where do you see the Crystal style? XD

    mostly the skirt and the hair, I had to zoom to see the face to realise that this was classic style lol
    Hace 5 meses
    the facial expression looks like shi.....
    she looks as if she were dead with her eyes open.
    this is not beautiful ..this is creepy!!!! poor sailor moon...
    Hace 5 meses
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