Comentarios Devilman Lady - ~The Extreme Devil~ (Orca Toys)

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    Hace 3 meses
    Hace 3 meses
    Mine after a few months always shows the same problems, hangs on the right and forward, the right leg is unable to remain straight and bends forward, since I am not a craftsman I simply put some pieces of paper under figures so that it remains backwards and leaning against a shelf so that it does not bend to the right, I was thinking of inserting steel reinforcements inside the legs but I would not want to ruin it, given how much it costs.
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    If there is a figure with potential for leaning, this is the textbook example. It keeps surprising me that companies fail to make use of existing solutions. It could have been avoided by creating balanced design that is gravity neutral on all sides and put metal rods in the legs as extra insurance. A no-brainer. Of course the problem is that a lot of designers have no brains. Will pass.
    Hace 10 meses
    Just like a bunch of other people have commented - mine started leaning in the last week or two. Not super impressed.
    Hace 11 meses
    So another update :))) today while I was at work, after weeks of her not leaning anymore, she fell! Right off my shelf, onto the floor and broke in 3 places (both pegs broke off and stuck in the base and her ankle under cuff snapped). This is officially the worst deal of my whole figure collecting life. I'm pretty heartbroken. Hopefully no one else has luck like this with theirs! Make sure you secure her well!!!
    hace 1 año
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