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Comentarios • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei! - Kuro - Uniform ver. (FuRyu)

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    We need more Kuro
    hace 1 año
    ComboChrist S-Rank-Spirit
    T__________T she looks cute even w/o paint.
    hace 2 años
    So I'm guessing that the Fate/kaleid liner Illya another ver. listed for PO on some sites is just a reissue of the school outfit one with the other arm replaceable for holding both Kuro and Miyu? That sounds adorable, but I was kinda hoping Illiya had some sort of ultimate form or something. Haven't caught up completely through season 3 so don't actually know if that happens or not. Or having some of them dressed as the other cards would have been cool.
    hace 2 años
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