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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.
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Pre-orders start on the 5th October 2020


Any ideas on prices? She's adorable ;w;!! ♥
21 horas antes
So lovely! I’ll definitely pre-order her.
hace 2 días
she’s so cute!!
hace 2 días
Wooow love ♡ can't wait to preorder
hace 2 días
Wow she's so pretty colored!
hace 2 días
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Wow she looks stunning colored. Must have

Her colors look more accurate, unlike coconut. Can't wait
hace 2 días
gorgeous Maple! it's what she deserves!
Hace 2 meses
Happy to see more options regarding Nekopara figures - not really interested in the more lewd ones. Really like the pose of this one and the sculpt looks good.
Hace 4 meses
Maple always makes my hands sticky!
Hace 6 meses
Okay... Hope they don't mess up her colors too lmao
Hace 7 meses
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


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