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hace 3 días
OMG this is soooo cute. I hope we can soon preorder!
hace 9 días
I gasped so loudly when I saw this was finally painted omg they're so cute!!! im terrified of the price, really hoping it's no more than 30k ;u; even if it is more my dumb ass will probably still buy it oof
hace 10 días
I really cannot wait for this to go up for preorders! They’re beautiful!
hace 10 días
flare non scale figures are usually made close to 1/7 scale, but these two Loli might be a bit of the Smaller side
hace 10 días
Im in Love ♥ A♥
hace 10 días
dark-freefirehace 11 días#81055929aren'T flare figure un-scaled ?Yes they are not scaled. I should have said size instead of scale.
hace 10 días
Nice! Since it is still in the painting phase, I hope they shade the hair nicely.
hace 10 días
(* ̄ii ̄)

( ・・)つ―●○◎- ฅ/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\ノ
hace 10 días
LolipopGalleryHace 1 mes#79995520I'm glad it's Flare that is making it. I have a few Flare figures and they are very well made. I wonder what the scale will be as I think this will have some bearing on the cost. Now we wait..

aren'T flare figure un-scaled ?
hace 11 días
Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com


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