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Captain Marvel - Goose - Nendoroid #1154-DX - Hero's Edition, DX Ver. (Good Smile Company)Captain Marvel - Goose - Nendoroid #1154-DX - Hero's Edition, DX Ver. (Good Smile Company)

Captain Marvel - Goose - Nendoroid #1154-DX - Hero's Edition, DX Ver. (Good Smile Company)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=100mm (3.9in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
11/2019 As Standard
Japonés2,556 hits • 41 comentarios1 favorito



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ICantBelieveIts (hace 22 días) #62364739captain marvel was boring, her nendoroid is boring, thank u next.
the cat is cute though.

hace 21 días
captain marvel was boring, her nendoroid is boring, thank u next.

the cat is cute though.
hace 22 días
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hace 14 días
Hmm, this is a maybe for me. Her movie was fairly good, not great but not bad, but Carol herself was only ever interesting to me not for her own arc but when she played off Nick, Maria/Monica, and the Skrulls.

That being said, if Kamala Khan does join the MCU (which Kevin Feige has said they intend to do eventually) as Ms. Marvel and gets a Nendo, I'll definitely get her (as she is a great character in the comics) as well as Carol so that Kamala can have her "senpai" next to her.
hace 17 días
Yeah, the nendoroid's price is a bit high, but that's not exactly new. Lots of nendoroids have been having regular priced ones, and a more expensive DX one that comes with parts that, at one point, would have come with the regular release. Not to mention that Marvel and Disney prices are high anyway.

But I wouldn't say it's massively lacking compared to others. It's a lot better than a lot of the other DX nendoroids. She comes with two complete heads. A second upper body with jointed arms. Find another lower body in your parts and you can have a second Carol...

Like with Wonder Woman, I would have liked a smiling faceplate. Still getting her, though, because I enjoyed the movie and I've liked Carol for years.
hace 19 días
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ICantBelieveIts (hace 20 días) #62524442enjoy marvel movies all you want, but i collect nendoroids. i even collect nendoroids for shows/movies i haven't seen before. this nendo personally is overpriced, bland, and expresionless, which leaves the same taste in my mouth that the captain marvel movie did (which, by the way, not a lot of regular people seemed to enjoy- just check out how many reviews were deleted off rotten tomatoes, friend).
I hope you're not talking about the trolls who review-bombed the movie as soon as they could, just because of something Brie Larson said before the movie even came out. I mean, those reviews from all those "regular" people sure spoke louder than the billion it made at the box office... ;P

I will give you that the Nendo is overpriced, but that's nothing new for Marvel/Disney Nendos unfortunately. :(
hace 20 días
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