Silent Hill 2 - Bubble Head Nurse - James Sunderland (Muckle Mannequins)Silent Hill 2 - Bubble Head Nurse - James Sunderland (Muckle Mannequins)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Silent Hill 2 - Bubble Head Nurse - James Sunderland (Muckle Mannequins)
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2001 As Limited
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If I ever decided to own this, I'd repaint this statue because my God they both look badly burnt.
hace 5 años
Tags: penis_face

omg that doesn't describe the nurse, is that the James tag, I'm choking
hace 6 años
Yay, finally got one for a decent price. Brand new with no flaws and only for € 60,00 =)
hace 6 años
As of November 2, 2013, there's one of these available on eBay with international shipping:

hace 7 años
anyone know where I can buy this?
hace 7 años
I really wish Gecco could produce a James and Maria figure.
That would be heavenly.

Otherwise, I might have to settle for this one...
hace 7 años
I want if anyone is selling
hace 7 años
Something that always vaguely bugs me about this is that there's never a Nurse in the room where you use the hair and the bent sewing needle to get the key from the shower drain, lol.
hace 8 años
I wonder where I could even find this...
hace 8 años
I want figures to all Silent Hill heros (Harry, James, Heather, Henry, Travis...) and to popular monsters like Pyramid Head, Valtiel, Nurse and more! :o
hace 9 años
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