One Piece - Boa Hancock - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Ver.BB_EX (MegaHouse)One Piece - Boa Hancock - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Ver.BB_EX (MegaHouse)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
Escala & Dimensiones
L=210mm (8.19in)  H=135mm (5.27in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
12/26/2019 As Limited + Exclusive
Japonés11,858 hits • 20 comentarios17 favoritos



Orders via Megatrea Shop, Premium Bandai, Jump Characters Store, Toei Animation Online Shop and Mugiwara Store can be placed from the 5th July 2019 at 13:00JST.


Is this fig castoff-able
hace 4 días
Selling mine! PM if interested :) US only please.
Hace 3 meses
In stock @ Lunar Toy Store
FREE Continental U.S. shipping on all orders over $150
$0 down pre-order when using credit card
Hassle free pre-order cancellation
199-13 32nd Ave, Flushing NY
Honestly I kinda like that figure. But the base is meh and the feet give me a bit weird feeling ><°
Hace 9 meses
I can't believe they still making these shits. People must have continued buying them, that's the only reason why they kept going. You've been milked good...
Hace 9 meses
Available for pre-order @ Akiba Soul
Shipping is $5.99 (within the US)!

Pre-order this waifu and give her a laifu!
Good Civilization => www.akibasoul.c...
Yet another ver.BB figure
Hace 11 meses
is this worth getting, as someone who doesnt have any figures of her in this specific line? It's cute and sexy. I like it, but i'm also on the fence about it.
hace 1 año
No se ustedes pero yo si la tengo preordenada
hace 1 año
She is now available in Nin-Nin.

Boa Hancock - BB_EX
hace 1 año
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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