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Please for the love of Madokami, be painted by next wonderful festival
hace 14 días
i really want her, she's so beautiful
Hace 1 mes
WHEN? >:(
Hace 1 mes
I’m quite sad that for the second wonderful festival still no painted Mami.
Hace 3 meses
Of all the characters to get stuck in development hell, I wouldn't have guessed Holy Mami. Especially with the anime currently airing.

Did Stronger just forget about her?
Hace 3 meses
Fingers crossed that it’s painted this wonderfest (*゚∀゚*)
Hace 3 meses
Feeling this figure is around the corner View spoilerHide spoilerin the anime
Hace 4 meses
With the new anime out, I'm sure she'll eventually get painted.

Edit: http://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/b3dtenor.gif
Still waiting...
Hace 7 meses
I’m hoping this turns up painted at the upcoming wonder festival.
Hace 11 meses
Aimaileafyhace 1 año#58769380Uff, difficult to explain! Her story just didnt catched me. I cant relate to her, neither to her story nor to her character... I mostly dont feel very connected to the "kind and calm"-characters. I am more for Kyouko and Sayaka xD and design-wise I really dislike yellow as... you know, the color. I also dont like designs where the character has those sleepchamber-eyes (I hope thats a term thats not just used in my native language xx). You know, the eyes are flat, not round and "open". I hope that explains it ^^° she is a good written character and her design is great, but she is just not my type of character.

Fair enough, it just seemed weird if you "hated" her cus she didnt really do anything bad in the story or anything haha, But yeah it makes more sense if thats the case
hace 1 año
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