K-ON! - Hirasawa Ui - PM Figure - Sunny-Side Up (SEGA)K-ON! - Hirasawa Ui - PM Figure - Sunny-Side Up (SEGA)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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K-ON! - Hirasawa Ui - PM Figure - Sunny-Side Up (SEGA)
Escala & Dimensiones
W=90mm (3.51in)  L=130mm (5.07in)  H=210mm (8.19in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
11/2011 As Prize
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hace 1 año
Selling along with ITEM #99591 (item #99591 does not include a box)
for $30usd shipment included. PM for details
hace 2 años
Want to sell her. PM me.
EU Only
hace 2 años
theuncle2k Antiskill officer
Selling mine. Mint with opened box, 8 EUR. PM me for details and shipping costs.
hace 2 años
pm offers! $20+USD
hace 2 años
Selling for 12AUD SOLD
hace 3 años
selling this pm me an offer shipping worldwide.
hace 3 años
Tbh she is probably the best price:quality figure I've ever seen given she is solid quality, great face, nice base and only 200 jpy most places I've seen.
hace 4 años
Cutie figure, loved her kitchen items, I am little afraid that she will broke in the future, with her standing in only one leg.
hace 4 años
She's very lovely. ^^
And for this price, the quality is great. :)
hace 5 años