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Comentarios • Mo Dao Zu Shi - Wei Wuxian - Nendoroid #1068 (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)

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    In stock @ Neokyo
    Buy on Japanese marketplaces through Neokyo: neokyo.com/sear...
    Only ¥250 fee, 45 days free storage.
    26 minutos antes
    In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥16,160)

    Brand New for ¥16,160
    └ A treasure is waiting for you! ✗
    *chokes and coughs*

    Boy, that price escalated quickly. From 4600¥, to around 15000¥ on the aftermarket. View spoilerHide spoilerI saw him on Solaris for 16000¥, wtf?
    I just wanted to check for Lan Wangji's release date, View spoilerHide spoilerhe's gonna miss his Piggie husbands birthday, how rude. and I just saw the price hike from 4600¥ to 10000¥ on some sites. He isn't even released yet! And then I got curious...
    I kinda regret coming here to check.
    Real glad I got him on PO, these aftermarket prices are wild. View spoilerHide spoilerAnd I couldn't have gone through another BS situation like with the BnHA nendos. ITEM #455088 and ITEM #455089

    It really says a lot though, when official sellers compete with scalpers about the who's got the worst price hikes. View spoilerHide spoilerAnd even though I love WWX, with his lack of accessories, and not even extra arm parts, this just seems like an even harder gut-punch.

    So on Amazon there seems to be some back-ordering going on, which will be filled up on October 22. For the actually more humane price of 60 bucks, instead of the other 100+ usd.
    hace 4 días
    Desperately looking to buy, pre-order fell through.
    hace 10 días
    looking to buy
    hace 23 días
    timeless54 (hace 26 días) #67628950I would pay blood for A-Yuan >A<

    Everyone should just send a plea to GSC for them to release a set of Nendo-petit's of our main sons young disciples. A-Yuan, Lan Jingyi, and Jin Ling. View spoilerHide spoilerSince I doubt they'll get their own Nendos anytime soon *sighs*
    Throw in a full nendo of Wen Ning while we're at it, A-Yuan needs his cousin/uncle. And he's a big enough character to be relevant
    hace 25 días
    Iskana (hace 28 días) #67487036 something I'd have died for: A Nendo-petit A-Yuan. (+ an extra bunny for Wifi)

    I would pay blood for A-Yuan >A<
    hace 26 días
    Got him yesterday, adorable, gonna set him up in a small scenery display-case when Lan Wangji finally arrives.

    I only wish we could have gotten more accessories View spoilerHide spoilerGSC, why have you started hating accessories so much? like maybe: Suibian, the YunmengJiang sect bell, Lil Apple View spoilerHide spoilerIn the same style as the Suzi Llama from Little Witch Academia ITEM #594249, or the Stygian Tiger seal, how could they ignore that thing? Maybe we'll get Yilling Laozu wei Wuxian at some point? He could come with it, and the other items.View spoilerHide spoilerhahahahahaaaaa... as if we'd be that lucky or GSC would bother... *sighs* Or, something I'd have died for: A Nendo-petit A-Yuan. (+ an extra bunny for Wifi)

    Oh, and just for the laughs, GSC should have added some cornetto ice-cream cones. They really missed out on that deal.
    True love blossoms when two people share their cornetto ice cream under the full moon's light, in a meadow surrounded by bunnies.

    I hope GSC will maybe take up making a scale of him and Lan Wangji. Their couple pictures are adorable.

    Otherwise, love him. I really hope there'll be Nendos for MTXT's other stories. I'm desperate for Shen Qinqiu, and Luo Binghe, from SVSSS, and Hua Cheng and Xie Lian from TGCF.
    And some of the side-cast, but I doubt it.
    hace 28 días
    Selling one but I’m not covering international shipping outside the USA
    Hace 1 mes
    Missed out on the preorder ;w; looking to buy one shipped to Australia~
    Hace 1 mes
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