Full Moon o Sagashite - Kouyama Mitsuki - Music Box - Eternal Snow Music Box - Limited Edition (Bandai)Full Moon o Sagashite - Kouyama Mitsuki - Music Box - Eternal Snow Music Box - Limited Edition (Bandai)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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I finally got ahold of this rare treasure. It is possible so don't give up! I Purchased mine second hand from a private seller for a pretty penny.
though I need to find out the measurements for the box and pictures of the directions. Can anyone help me out please?
hace 2 años
Hi! if anyone sells/want to sell please contact me !!! I have been looking and searching for this item for a really long time now T_T
hace 2 años
I would like to have this music box so much. I've been looking for her for so long u_u
hace 2 años
I am searching so hardly for this item if anyone sells please contact me!
hace 3 años
If anyone is selling it in nice working condition please let me know! I've been looking for it for the longest time >o<
hace 3 años
Hi supermoogles. I was wondering if you're still selling this music box? I've been looking for this for so long that Ebay and Amazon aren't selling them since it's been a long since the anime came out. I look forward too hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
hace 5 años
What songs does this thing play again?
hace 5 años
hello:),I want to know you still have this music box?I am looking for this a long time;(I am interested, I will wait you answer me.Thanks><
hace 5 años
Hi, may I know are you still selling this music box? I am interested, thanks.
hace 5 años
supermoogleshace 9 años#563886Odd question. I know you're selling it on eBay. If there was a buyer for just the music box, do you think you would sell me the box and pieces of paper? ^^

Do you want one? I can try to get for you so respond me now
hace 5 años
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