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Comentarios • Love Live! School Idol Festival - Minami Kotori - 1/7 - White Day Hen (Alter)

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    heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
    Giving up my PO! DM if interested
    hace 16 días
    Cómo cambiaron la fecha de salida, tal vez la de Umi y la de Honoka también la cambiaran, ya que no creo que saldrán las dos el mismo mes, ¿o si?
    hace 21 días
    I am curious if they can't release the only two figures that were set to come out this month. How do they plan on releasing five in October? XD Can't wait to see how many get delayed then.
    hace 21 días
    Well, as much as I love Alter, I can't act like I wasn't anticipating a delay. XD
    hace 21 días
    agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
    End my suffering Alter...delay her

    Edit: Just got a notice from HS, delayed to October. Which means Umi will probably be delayed.
    hace 24 días
    Dribz (Hace 1 mes) #65415574I'm still skeptical of that date, as it's already the 14th, and Alter usually announces releases at least a couple of weeks prior. I think NY is just throwing dates out like they usually do.

    Yeah, you're right. Alter would have announced the date already.
    It's a shame, I was expecting that she wouldn't be delayed but it seems she will.
    Hace 1 mes
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