Boku no Hero Academia - Asui Tsuyu - POP! Animation - POP! Vinyl (Funko Toys)Boku no Hero Academia - Asui Tsuyu - POP! Animation - POP! Vinyl (Funko Toys)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Boku no Hero Academia - Asui Tsuyu - POP! Animation - POP! Vinyl (Funko Toys)
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08/2018 As Standard
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Some Funkos are butt-ugly, but it's impossible for Tsu to be ugly, so I couldn't pass her up.
hace 1 año
I personally don’t like Funko but this is too cute to pass up.
hace 2 años
Bought her at a convention today. I usually don't like Funkos but this one looks really really good somehow.
hace 2 años
This is my first Funko Pop. I don't normally like their art style, but it works with Tsuyu. She looks best placed above eye level (otherwise her face is hidden).

Still hoping for a Nendoroid and that Bell Fine's ITEM #728446 turns out well.
hace 2 años
Saw this one today at a small "mom and pop" shop and almost bought it. They really nailed the look of the character.
hace 2 años
The best girl deserves better than Funko.
hace 2 años
might have to get her, considering theres no nendo in sight
hace 2 años
I told myself no more pop figures! Why do you do this to me Funko??
hace 2 años
Somehow, she works well as a funko pop figure.
hace 2 años
yes omg!!! finally a figure of tsuyu!
hace 2 años
Import from Japan



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