Clannad - Furukawa Nagisa - Key 10th Memorial Fes (FuRyu)Clannad - Furukawa Nagisa - Key 10th Memorial Fes (FuRyu)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Clannad - Furukawa Nagisa - Key 10th Memorial Fes (FuRyu)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=170mm (6.63in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
03/2009 As Prize
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memzyhace 4 años#5587005looking for her at a decent price

If you're still looking for her, I'm selling mine.
hace 3 años
looking for her at a decent price
hace 4 años
hace 5 años
500 yen mandarake ekizo.mandarake...
hace 5 años
I bought her at 500 yen at a Mandarake LOL
hace 5 años
I'm selling her for 25 euro's!
I'm also selling Kyou for 25 euro's. Nagisa en Kyou together for 45 euro's. I ship worldwide!
hace 7 años
4ArndThe figure was released early 2009 for a fair in Japan, see Series classifications, this figure got the beige coloured base.

Oh cool, so I have the prototype eh? Neato!
hace 8 años
Ya know, I thought mine was fake, cuz of how lopsided she stand on her platform, then I saw the pics, and I see she's like that for the real one.

Why would they make a stand/figure that did not fit together very well?
hace 8 años
When she arrived for me, her two little bits of top hair had snapped off :( I got them back on with super-glue and it doesn't even look like it ever got broken :) Just be careful when you get here for it might snap off :O

Shes lovely tho, quite cute ^^
hace 9 años
kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!!!
Nice for a prize figure!
hace 9 años
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.



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