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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Rabbit Yukine - Nendoroid - Princess, Snow 2019 (Good Smile Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Rabbit Yukine - Nendoroid - Princess, Snow 2019 (Good Smile Company)

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Once again, I feel the need to remind everyone. When it comes time to vote on the design you want, ignore the eyes in the design. GSC is going to use the same generic Miku eyes they always use and we all know it.
Hace 6 meses
Place your bets: what part of the design is Goodsmile going to fuck up this year?
Hace 6 meses
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I actually really like the design chosen for once XD Particularly her hair, hopefully GSC will do it justice.
hace 3 días
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
I'm excited to see fluffy Miku. To be honest, I would've been pleased with 5/6 of the entries just because the theme was so good this year - it's hard to mess up the entire snow princess idea. Bet ya that this Snow Princess Miku will give Elsa a run for her money anyways.
Elsa might have ice powers but Miku has 78k followers on twitters and access to good memes like this gold:
hace 14 días
I remember my favs being 1, 2 and 5, so I'm happy that one of them got voted.
hace 19 días
Wow I actually like the design on the winning miku? Crazy
Too bad I'm sure they will ruin it somehow
hace 21 días
I like design 6 :c
hace 22 días
All 6 are cute, GSC should for once make 6 versions instead of 1. Or at least 3 maybe, I think this year all final pics are very good.
hace 23 días
I have never wanted a Miku more than that in my life!
hace 25 días
She's wonderful, can't wait to see the prototype :)
hace 26 días
So happy this design won!!!
hace 27 días
Next Year in February at the Good Smile Shop. Preorders start at Wonfest every yaer :D and if youre at Wonfet you can buy her right away.

Aimaileafy (hace 28 días) #39276782Aaaah the design I hoped for ;w;! I have never pre-ordered a Snow Miku before (got my pre-owned), so... how fast is GSC normally? And will it only be possible to pre-order her via their shop?
hace 27 días
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PVC anime figure store.


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