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10 Count - Shirotani Tadaomi - B-style - 1/8 (FREEing)10 Count - Shirotani Tadaomi - B-style - 1/8 (FREEing)

10 Count - Shirotani Tadaomi - B-style - 1/8 (FREEing)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/8  H=190mm (7.41in, 1:1=1.52m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
08/06/2019 As Standard
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥17,170)

Brand New for ¥17,170
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Finally got to opening mine. He’s perfect <3 Both of his nipples are shaded/sculpted too. A better improvement over Kurose that’s for sure.
hace 2 días
I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. I love 10 count, I love the artstyle and so on, but...
I thought that after all these delays it wouldn't be as bad as other people said but it is. I got Shirotani before Kurose (he's stuck in customs) so I will definitely change my opinion a bit after I see them together, but wow. It's underwhelming. My figure has the issue where the hand doesn't touch the knee (only the thumb does) and it's dusty (especially the face :) it has some gray marks). And the white base?? Why?? Not only does it look bad and makes the figure look cheaper, but it's huge. :(
But ehh. I do LOVE 10 count. And I want more male figures... ;;
hace 2 días
just got him in today. really disappointed, there's a hole in the ear he's touching and the leg he's touching is wobbly
hace 4 días
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Such amazing figures, but such plain bases? That must be a joke. How sad. :( at least make them look glossy or something! >.<
hace 5 días
ronnibun41 (hace 7 días) #65236780I saw some pics on Twitter and some people’s Shirotani’s did have the same problem as you. The hand is supposed to be touching his knee so that’s definitely a defect.

Thankfully I could heat fix the pinky but sadly not the posture of the hand to the knee. But yo cheer myself up I can say it adds a nice imagery of in-motion of Shirotani about to rest his hand to his knee.
hace 6 días
I was getting all excited thinking I should get him soon. Then I remembered AmiAmi still hasn't shipped him. Lol. User pics look great though imo, can't wait. o.o
hace 6 días
Where are user pics
hace 6 días
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