Vocaloid - Kaito - Pullip (Line) - TaeYang  (T-220) - 1/6 (Groove)Vocaloid - Kaito - Pullip (Line) - TaeYang (T-220) - 1/6 (Groove)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Vocaloid - Kaito - Pullip (Line) - TaeYang  (T-220) - 1/6 (Groove)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/6  H=330mm (12.87in, 1:1=1.98m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
09/2011 As Standard
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Where would you be able to find this guy now ahh she is ADORABLE
Hace 6 meses
Is anybody selling his Pants and Jacket?, I really need a replacement
hace 1 año
Finally got mine and this looks better in person than the photos. I was surprised that he had eyelashes! (This is my first Taeyang/Pullip doll.)
hace 3 años
He reminds me of a true K or J-pop idol here! ^w^
hace 5 años
Just got him today for a super low price in a comic book store. Gotta love those shelf-warmer price drops! Poor Kaito's been there since February at the earliest. - A-
hace 5 años
Caved in and bought Kaito from a doll seller :) I want to redress him!
hace 7 años
Sooo cute~! <3 i hope i can get him and Miku for my b-day! :3
hace 7 años
He's so cute! (●⌒ ⌒●)
hace 8 años
His face is creepy as hell, but damn is he well made o.o
hace 8 años
Cheaper than I was expecting, but oof x_x Thanks for the links :D
hace 9 años
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