Original Character - Keiko's Beauty Line Collection  (No.C629) - Ruri (Lapis Lazuli) - 1/7 - Nagoriyuki (Kurushima)Original Character - Keiko's Beauty Line Collection (No.C629) - Ruri (Lapis Lazuli) - 1/7 - Nagoriyuki (Kurushima)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Escala & Dimensiones
1/7  H=110mm (4.29in, 1:1=0.77m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
01/19/2018 As Standard
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥57,270)

Brand New for ¥57,270
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hace 22 días
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
hace 2 años
She's soooo beautiful <3
hace 2 años
Uhg I caved and ordered her.. hope I'm not making a mistake. I know nothing about "Keiko's Beauty Line" so I'm antsy about the quality not being as great. I'm a sucker for that pretty face though, I really hope the final product has a similar face to what I'm seeing on the prototype.
hace 2 años
Out of all the figures in this line, I think I like this one the best. She looks so...I dunno...natural?

I don't know if I want it for 19000 yen, but I might keep an eye out for it preowned.
hace 2 años
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