Date A Live II - Yatogami Tohka - 1/7 - Inverted ver. (Pulchra)Date A Live II - Yatogami Tohka - 1/7 - Inverted ver. (Pulchra)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Date A Live II - Yatogami Tohka - 1/7 - Inverted ver. (Pulchra)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/7  H=250mm (9.75in, 1:1=1.75m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
01/30/2019 As Standard
Japonés21,090 hits • 56 comentarios26 favoritos



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Mine at least came out decent, but damn she is so tiny! More of a 1/8 instead of 1/7. I'm somewhat dissapointed with that.
hace 1 año
Just got mine recently, But im pretty much satisfied with the result.. Even though Pulchra indeed have a bad rumour... But they're improving now...
hace 1 año

I did not originally plan to pick this one up. If you've watched my past videos, you'll know I did not have a very good opinion of Pulchra, since so many of their figures have been so bad in the past. They have been improving recently though. I love Tohka (Best Date!) and I really like how her inverted design looks. So this figure caught my eye. After debating for a while, I decided to give Pulchra a chance. I wasn't expecting perfection, but I was expecting at least a decent figure. Since mine took way to long in shipping (seriously, 2 weeks for EMS rather than 3 days, not good!), it was painful watching others get their copies and start posting pictures. Then the complaints started, and I got nervous.

Luckily, mine finally arrived, and while not perfect, she is pretty darn good. The majority of the complaints are not present on mine. There's no tubes on the hair, the paint is nice and clean. There is a little excess plastic in a couple places on the hair, but unless you are looking for it, they aren't that noticable. She did have a splotch of something on one of her butt cheeks, but once I figures out how to squeeze my pinky finger trough her hair and arms, I was able to wipe it off without an issue.

She does feel more of a 1/8th though. Plus I think her dress looks a bit foggy. A little bit clearer translucent plastic would have improved her there I think. Also, her belly is just a tad bit rough. But those are really my only complaints.

I love the design on her base. It just pops, and looks so much better than if they had just left it a plain black disk. I also really love the gradient on her hair. Some people have complained that her face is too blank, but I really thing the expressionless look fits her perfectly. Also, I like how the kept her breasts moderately sized rather than making them giant melons.

In general, I am happy with her. I wasn't expecting perfection, so I think that helps with my opinion of her. A lot of people I've seen have been pretty harsh on her. I think they just wanted a perfect Tohka, which is perfectly reasonable, but this is not her. Still, she is much better than I had feared, and Pulchra is improving their reputation in my eyes.
hace 1 año
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