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Looks like there's two different bootlegs. Found one at a con that still retains the cast off lingerie, whereas the bootleg posted here doesn't seem to have that.
hace 1 año
Her height is about 19, 20cm.
hace 2 años
My one just arrived.
She seems to be cast-off, there was a plastic wrap around the breasts, I managed to remove the bra to unwrap the chest, and the panties are a bit loose, you can see her crotch.
But I can't find a way to remove the head or arms to remove the shirt; likewise, I can't find a way to guide the bra's straps back to under the shirt.
hace 2 años
so pretty

y GK ? :^(
hace 3 años
Fuck yeah, more Jeanne is always a good thing!


Be still, my heart...
hace 3 años
thats not how you put on a skirt, silly
hace 3 años
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!


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