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Hello Kitty to Issho - Minase Shizuku (Griffon Enterprises)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=180mm (7.02in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
06/29/2011 As Standard
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Sold :3
Hace 5 meses
I caved in and bought her just for the scooter TT_TT. I probably will sew a skirt for her too.

* I'm currently looking for a second set for my friend too.
hace 3 años
If anyone knows where I can find her, please tell me. :)

She's one of my holy grails. <3
hace 4 años
hace 5 años
She is just so cute! But I can't because swimsuit loli. Maybe if she were wearing a school uniform or dress or something else.
hace 6 años
4,200 yen item A box B

someone buy it ;w; must resist...
hace 6 años
Just got this, my god griffons quality control is awful. I bought an unopened one off manda for 3k and the figure looks like its been rolled around in dirt.
hace 7 años
MoneyTalkshace 8 años#811059I want this, but I'm afraid of my family's reaction to a loli >.<

Story of my life!
hace 7 años
Hello i sell mine unnopened for 40 euros !! please PM me if interested. Thank you
hace 7 años
hace 7 años