Queen's Blade - Ymir - Revoltech - QB-012 - 1/12 (Kaiyodo)Queen's Blade - Ymir - Revoltech - QB-012 - 1/12 (Kaiyodo)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Queen's Blade - Ymir - Revoltech - QB-012 - 1/12 (Kaiyodo)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/12  H=135mm (5.27in, 1:1=1.62m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
03/01/2011 As Standard
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I'm selling her on ebay!
hace 2 años
Selling Used (LIKE NEW) Queen's Blade Revoltech Ymir! All accessories are included, and includes box! Shipping from WA, USA. Will ship within the states. Message me for more info, shipping costs, and price negotiations! Want her gone to a loving home ASAP!
hace 4 años
hace 5 años
Huge gauntlet!
hace 5 años
2,000 yen Mandarake - ekizo.mandarake...
hace 5 años
hace 6 años
hace 6 años
beware any cheap or rare figures out of Hong Kong i got ripped a few years back on ebay on a fake figma -box looked real and the guy claimed it was authentic -but no sad to say it wasn't -don't mind it so much and i didn't pay that much for it but ya thats the price range of counterfeits on ebay for figures like these so i would look else were
hace 7 años
I see a lot of these on ebay, are there any bootlegs of this one? I was curious because it's a bit cheaper on ebay because of free S&H but the only thing is, it's from Hong Kong...
hace 7 años
Adorable, too bad she came with a big shiny mark on the back of her leg... One of her spirals had an unsightly flat spot, but luckily I could just switch it with another one in the back. :3

Her stand doesn't really seem to hold her weight though...
hace 8 años