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Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - 1/8 - Wedding Dress ver. (Myethos, Tokyo Otaku Mode)Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - 1/8 - Wedding Dress ver. (Myethos, Tokyo Otaku Mode)

Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - 1/8 - Wedding Dress ver. (Myethos, Tokyo Otaku Mode)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/8  H=240mm (9.36in, 1:1=1.92m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
01/2018 As Limited + Exclusive
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> "Paid 325 days ago"
Hace 9 meses
So, she was sent out 3 days ago and hasn't moved, so she is very clearly SAL. I'm really upset after paying around 2.5-3k in shipping on TOM for SAL when she's a 1/8. I've been very patient with TOM, but I'm not going to buy from them after this. This is the straw on my back. If she comes damaged, I'll be super upset. I don't know about you guys, but I'm finished with TOM after this treatment to a project.
Hace 8 meses
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Found one on Mandarake for 21000.
hace 8 días
Found one on AmiAmi for 25080.
hace 18 días
Selling mine [EU] 175 euro + shipping. Paypal fees are not included.
hace 19 días
Could someone put together an image showing a sagging arm vs a non-sagging one? I've heard a lot of comments about the sagging, but I've seen only a couple of pictures from people that have said theirs has sagged. I can't quite see the difference in position between those pictures and the ones on here that seem to be totally fine.
hace 23 días
Selling her unopened and new still, someone please take her off my hands! ;_;' I've been trying to sell her forever. I even took new pictures! CLASSIFIED #157617
hace 25 días
Selling her used but like new with post card $150 CLASSIFIED #157424
Hace 1 mes
Hace 2 meses
Selling mine, free U.S. shipping: CLASSIFIED #156620.
Hace 2 meses
After 3 months of being on display and I can definitely see the flowers sagging. The figure was put in a detolf out of the sun or any extreme temperatures, yet it's still happening. I am dissapointed. They're still up in the air, so not as extreme as completely touching her dress, but the low angle is beginning to become noticable. This honestly shouldn't even be an issue. If the arm can't support the weight then the company could have put a metal rod inside to keep it up and sturdy, or just used better quality platic. Looks like now I'll have to find a way to stick an ugly rod under the bouquet so it doesn't collapse fully. -_-
Hace 3 meses
kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!!!
So.... looks likes I will be selling this one from my collection. Sealed never displayed. New. I am looking to unload several other figures as well.
Hace 3 meses
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