Original Character - Ukiwa Shoujo - 1/6 (Haitenai?)Original Character - Ukiwa Shoujo - 1/6 (Haitenai?)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Sold at SeeKnack's table at Treasure Festa in Kobe 6


This pisses me off I fount one on Mandarake for 15k so i order it. Well they just sent me a email saying they cancelled my order cause it out of stock. So i check there website and low and behold there it is again for 3k more and sold out again. If they wanted more money they should have ask me to pay the difference first. I left them a nasty letter about how i feel about the problem and before you ask it was the same group selling on that website.
hace 1 año
Redliger I paint GKs
If anyone sees this in time and wants the kit its up on mandarake order.mandarake...

She sold out.
hace 3 años
Damn figures like this make me want to get into GK's o well I hope as well this will come pre-painted.
hace 3 años
Yamamoto23hace 4 años#14036321Hope there will be a PVC-version some day... ;-)

You and me both. This is freaking cute and sexy. It'd be an instant buy for me, especially if it stays cast off.
hace 4 años
Hope there will be a PVC-version some day... ;-)
hace 4 años