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Persona 5 - Caroline - Justine - 1/8 (Aquamarine)Persona 5 - Caroline - Justine - 1/8 (Aquamarine)

Persona 5 - Caroline - Justine - 1/8 (Aquamarine)
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08/2018 As Standard
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I really like this at first sight, checking it better now my biggest concern is the position of the hands, the way it is, make the figure looks boring. I suppose is based in this art so I don't understand why they don't have their distinctive accessories.


I don´t know if they plan to add it later, but hopefully they do because, in my opinion, looks way better with it.
Hace 10 meses
This can only be completed with an igor figure
hace 1 año
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Release date! Woo hoo!
hace 7 días
Seriously, their price figures are better.....
hace 7 días
Really hoping for a figure of...View spoilerHide spoilerLavenza!!!
Hace 1 mes
Wait so there is a ver bad seam line on their shirts (kinda around where their arms are connected) could that mean that they both come with different torsos with different expresion on their faces and different tools/props in their hand?

I hope so, eitherway I will still order them when they are up for order.
Hace 2 meses
But cute.

I'll take em
Hace 3 meses
I feel like these have taken forever to go on preorder tbh
Hace 3 meses
I prefer them with their arms down and their serious expressions...they look like they're ready to fight. I guess they could still have their accessories, though. But I don't really mind.
Hace 4 meses
Hace 4 meses
Damn i am even more disappointed with this one after seeing this sculpt posted on moeyo made by group called BMZ of them with their baton and clip board . Only issue is that i am sure if it is a garage kit or a new company. Anyone heard of them as i would definitely picked theirs up over aquamarine. even captured Caroline's smile!

Hace 4 meses
agentmozell (Hace 5 meses) #26304509So have a lot of other things that are already out for preorder. But we haven't heard anything else about this figure. At this rate the hype for P5 will have fallen down and probably, with exception of the more popular characters, not many people will want to preorder them. Even if it is to complete a P5 cast.
I know I'm starting to feel that way.

I dunno, I FOR SURE think they should pick up the pace with the P5 figures/merchandise, but the hype for P4 kind of never died down to the point that it wasn't constantly the subject of new content and discussion. In fact it peaked 4 heckin' years later with Golden.

Maybe they're waiting for Dancing Star Night? (^_^);
Hace 5 meses
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