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7th Dragon III Code: VFD - Mage - 1/7 - Azerin (Max Factory)7th Dragon III Code: VFD - Mage - 1/7 - Azerin (Max Factory)

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Seems to have all the textures from the source material, if anything her pouches need more shading. Probably some more detailed work on the embroidery of her dress.

But quality wise seems on par with the rest of the girls.
9 minutos antes
Well. I'm super dissapointed. She looks beautiful and very accurate, but... Where the fucking textures?! It's the part of original art seventhdragon3.... , NO, it's a beautifull point of original design! Sooo... companies learn how to draw kimono with million lines, and they can't make some textures? Without this dark textures her hair and clothes looks brighter, it's completely different feeling for me. Alas, pass...
1 hora antes
Absolutely adore her sharp design and those colors are popping!
hace 1 día
In the proto, I feel like she's missing some shading on her clothes that would help it look more dynamic to it's source pic.
hace 1 día
wow, love her color and design
hace 1 día
for some reason she looks like a transformer bot to me...it may be the belt. overall feels like a very square-ish figure, will likely not be ordering.
hace 1 día
She is too gorgeous ;/////;
hace 2 días
Really love the theme of this figure, but that unflowy strap and those legs (especially) just kill it for me..
Hace 4 meses
Super dope she wasn't dropped, i was worried for a good while.
Hace 6 meses
amy616 Let's DANCE
Ahhh yes
Hace 6 meses
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