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Nekopara - Maple - Nekopara Trading Figures (Neko Works)
Escala & Dimensiones
W=60mm (2.34in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
12/24/2016 As Exclusive
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Set of 8.


Is anyone selling the whole set for under $100?
Hace 1 mes
A whole set from the Nekopara online shop for $160 + free US shipping. The first one I sold is with my now fiance so...I can sell the other one off! Pictures on my profile of the boxes and each figure. They've never been opened/displayed. Only checked for quality!! SOLD
Hace 6 meses
Nyaaa-hace 1 año#66204887Selling as a set. Includes:
ITEM #455862
ITEM #455863
ITEM #455864
ITEM #455865
ITEM #455866
ITEM #455867
ITEM #455868
ITEM #455869
PM me for price and pictures.
I'm also selling everything else on this list LIST #114592

Sry forgot to delete it qq i have the figures now
hace 1 año

I'm also selling everything else on this list LIST #114592
hace 1 año
I have an unopened box from Koineko. I have another one I already opened and want to find a new home for the other set. Starting at $130USD + shipping through PayPal. CLASSIFIED #184708 Sold!
hace 1 año
I am searching for the set ! Pls DM me
hace 1 año
Oh man, she's so cute...
hace 3 años
I'm interested in the signboard so if anyone is willing to part with it PM me :3
hace 3 años
Due to unforeseen circumstances, including the increased delivery times of shipping during the holidays, the new estimate for delivery in North America is late January. - Sekai Project
hace 3 años
anyone who po'd this want to get rid of it? I didnt get a chance to and really want it =/
hace 3 años