Original Character - Figure Number 003 (Takumi) - 1/6 (Box)Original Character - Figure Number 003 (Takumi) - 1/6 (Box)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

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Original Character - Figure Number 003 (Takumi) - 1/6 (Box)
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08/16/2014 As Limited
07/27/2014 As Limited
07/27/2014 As Exclusive
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Original character (Takumi) from one of Tsukumo Gou's works. He was sold via mail order for a short time in 2014, and sold at summer Wonder Festival and Comiket 86.

Was also available on BOX's booth already fully assembled and quasi-painted b-o-x.booth.pm/...


i will always be looking to buy this. hit me up if you have him for sale
Hace 4 meses
I mean I've seen him before and I never knew Tsukumo-gou actually produced him in number and actually sold him on conventions? Man how do I even call myself a fan if I don't get a copy of this.

Yaoi god, please forgive me. ;;;
hace 4 años
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Wow, I need this like right fucking nows.
hace 4 años
hace 4 años
OH MY GOD. I cannot believe I managed to get this little (or not so little? 1/6 scale is pretty big for a GK!) guy! He's too cute for words. T___T
hace 4 años
Cutie~ I love Tsukumogou's works!
hace 4 años
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