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Black ★ Rock Shooter - Black ★ Gold Saw - 1/8 - Anime Ver. (Good Smile Company)Black ★ Rock Shooter - Black ★ Gold Saw - 1/8 - Anime Ver. (Good Smile Company)

Black ★ Rock Shooter - Black ★ Gold Saw - 1/8 - Anime Ver. (Good Smile Company)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/8  H=290mm (11.31in, 1:1=2.32m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
06/28/2011 As Standard
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Hi, MFC users, who marked Saw as "wished".

*read the comments below*
All I see here - many links where you can buy this figure for crazy money and tears-sighs about how expensive it is.

Why does not give a link to a special re-release GSC page as often? partner.goodsmi...

And why do not we just write them with our requests for re-release?

Don't be lazy! Most of us spend hours sitting in the internet, typing just-for-just the words, more than is required for a request about re-release!

You want to increase the chances to get it for a reasonable price soon? So just go and do it!
You can use page above, tweet, tumblr posts goodsmilecompan... or facebook m.facebook.com/...
The main thing - your wish!
hace 4 años
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In stock @ Neokyo
Today, 45925 yen on Amazon Japan.
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10 horas antes
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥54,194)

Brand New for ¥54,194
└ A treasure is waiting for you! ✗
In stock @ JFigure.com (¥11,800)
Box opened and shows some damages or wear out but the figure has no notable damages. Parts complete.
Selling mine! Figure has been displayed but is in excellent condition, like new.

160€ (shipping from Sweden not included) CLASSIFIED #169336

Selling my whole collection! Please see my collection/ads. Discount for multiple figures possible!
hace 4 días
For 7 years, i buying in Germany for 135 Euro. The Price is going up. GREAT.
hace 16 días
Hace 1 mes
Selling mine within EU.
Opened but never display.
Hace 2 meses
Selling her for 160€ from Germany, international Shipping possible, just PM me! :)
Hace 2 meses
In stock @ GoodsRepublic
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