Strike Witches - Francesca Lucchini - 1/10 (GDH, Organic)Strike Witches - Francesca Lucchini - 1/10 (GDH, Organic)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Strike Witches - Francesca Lucchini - 1/10 (GDH, Organic)
Escala & Dimensiones
1/10  H=170mm (6.63in, 1:1=1.7m)
Fecha de lanzamiento
08/2007 As Standard
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Just finished my review of this pretty unique figure BLOG #42737 !
hace 1 año
hace 3 años
MoorinaAnyone who owns this figure knows if she comes with striped panties or no?

Yes, she have shimapan. I owned it long ago but I sold mine because I didn't liked her size and quality. I'll get the Lucchini released by AmiAmi to replace her.

Quite a late answer, huh!? =P
hace 10 años
Moorina Professional Loli Captor
Anyone who owns this figure knows if she comes with striped panties or no?
hace 11 años
You are quite correct, but these figurines should be adjusted to the name given by the official sources. Both the figurine packaging, as well as all Strike Witches official artworks, list the artist as Humikane. (^_^)
hace 12 años
But "Hu" doesn't exist in Japanese. Or "Hu"="Fu" depending of the Roumaji version. So it's the same but "Hu" is unusual.
ha hi fu he ho
hace 12 años
According to official sources, original artist name is Humikane Shimada, not Fumikane.
hace 12 años
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