Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Ryuuguu Rena (Max Factory)Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Ryuuguu Rena (Max Factory)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Ryuuguu Rena (Max Factory)
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08/2006 As Standard
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NekoAleu Getting back into collecting!
Trying to get my old collection back from 8 years ago ❤
PM me if you are selling this! Interested in buying.
Hace 1 mes
looking to buy to, preferably from Europe but I’m willing to pay high shipping at this point ahah
Hace 1 mes
If anyone is selling her or the other figures from this set please PM me!!
Hace 3 meses
Please PM me if you are selling her (as well as the other characters from the set)!! I've been wanting her for a long while now ;_;
Hace 3 meses
If anyone is selling her; PLEASE pm me!!! Hunting very hard for her, haooo!!! ;w;

GOT HER!!! ;w; Bless! Hope everyone else hunting her has very good luck...!!!!^w^
Hace 5 meses
Selling her and the others from the set (Rika, Satoko, Mion) and parts from the special set for 50 euros. Please PM for details :) SOLD
Hace 7 meses
Kanamuneko12hace 1 año#64942650If you are selling her, PM me!
Still looking :)
Hace 7 meses
Willing to buy her, if you are still selling her please PM me
Hace 7 meses
Looking for her or any of the other variants and characters in this set. PM me if selling.
Hace 9 meses
If you are selling her, PM me!
hace 1 año
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