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Tsukuyomi -Moonphase- - Hazuki (Victor Entertainment)
Fecha de lanzamiento
01/2005 As Limited
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Bundled with the Tsukuyomi -Moonphase- Phase 1 limited edition DVD


Got her for really cheap on an auction on ebay >w<
Hace 6 meses
Found the DVD (and her obviously) at Book Off Akiba for 500 yen! That was lucky =)
hace 9 años
Domo Arigato, friends!!!!!!!!!
hace 10 años
paTKanyi think is better to add the bundle producer as manufacturer than leave it unknown. And I agree with you I was just pointing out that your "but" was somewhat not clear.

Well there is no more information on the official website. And the sole information I found on every sites I visited is a copy/pasta of “葉月”オリジナルフィギュア付き
hace 10 años
She's available on eBay here, maybe someone could ask the seller if it has any more information?
edit: well, she was, she sold now :)
hace 10 años
paTKany Over 9000
For nendoroids and like where the manufacturer is written on the box is perfectly clear who made them. But entries like this or figure/31519 or figure/35871_to... where no indication who made the figure for the bundle, i think is better to add the bundle producer as manufacturer than leave it unknown.
hace 10 años
So this figure/4177_set... has been manufactured by Aniplex?
hace 10 años
paTKany Over 9000
But they produced the DVD, so everything is bundled with that is theirs.
hace 10 años
No, Victor Entertainment is a music, anime, movies producer.
Also known as JVC for electronic stuff.
hace 10 años
paTKany Over 9000
Manufacturer is Victor Entertainment
hace 10 años
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