10 Count - Kurose Riku - Niitengo (Shinshokan, Toy's Works)10 Count - Kurose Riku - Niitengo (Shinshokan, Toy's Works)¥ Comprar¥ Comprar

10 Count - Kurose Riku - Niitengo (Shinshokan, Toy's Works)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=65mm (2.54in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
08/30/2016 As Limited
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Bundled with the Special edition of Volume 5.

Made to order.
Orders can be placed until the 22th March 23:59JST.

Animate and Toranoana will offer additional special limited editions with extra bonuses on top.

Infopage: www.shinshokan....


Anyone selling both boys EU/UK? Hit me up.
Hace 1 mes
Selling with Shirotani and manga for $35 shipped. USA only. PM me for info
hace 1 año
Selling with Shirotani and manga for $35 with free shipping. USA only. PM me for info
hace 1 año
Selling Ten Count Vol. 5 special edition which comes with Kurose Riku and Shirotani Tadaomi Niitengo figure set and Toranoana store bonus mini comic for $30 plus shipping. U.S. buyers and PayPal only! Check my album out for more photos. PM me if interested. CLASSIFIED #164411
hace 1 año
Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Selling both boys, CLASSIFIED #161824
hace 1 año
heekyungx0 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
Selling mine: CLASSIFIED #150550
I have Shirotani too
hace 2 años
Selling the set gently used bundled with the manga for $30 + shipping from the US. US buyers preferred bc international shipping is very expensive. Please PM me if interested.
hace 3 años
Still selling him & Shirotani! He has a defect on his hair though :c info on my sales list SALE #116099 + photo 68.media.tumblr.... PM if interested! Doesn't come with book since unfortunately lost it ;w; (hope someone enjoys it when they found it)
hace 3 años
Pm if selling!
hace 3 años
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